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Birds Sounds and Music. Sleeping Sounds and Music Whoopee Cushion Sound. Jewellery Photo Editor App. Pic Collage - Photo Maker. The Free Horoscope. They display an entire gamut of emotions — from jealousy and attraction, longing and fear, to unadulterated affection. The love of a Scorpio is an expression of all these emotions and much more. Scorpio is a Water sign but that does not guarantee a strong compatibility with other Water signs Pisces and Cancer. Also, it is not necessary that they might not get along with other Earth, Air or Fire signs.

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Zodiac Compatibility essentially depends on whether the sign is Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means they are conservative and do not like much change in their routines. It is difficult for Scorpio to get along with other fixed signs — Leo, Taurus and Aquarius — as they, like Scorpio, are not flexible.

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Scorpio can get along with mutable signs namely Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Their ability to adapt so easily might not please a Scorpio as they like resistance and surprise in a relationship. With Cardinal signs such as Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra , Scorpio gets along well only when there is unmistakable passion and mutual attraction. Their love should be swept-off-the-feet kind of love for this relationship to thrive. There are, however, several other factors apart from Zodiac Compatibility that make a relationship work and be successful.

Cancer is the perfect match for Scorpio.

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Cancer and Scorpio are water signs making them extremely emotional. Even the differences between the two signs complement their personalities and make them wholesome, which is the essence of Scorpio-Cancer compatibility. For instance, Scorpio is a powerful personality and they make the timid and soft-spoken Cancer feel secure and protected.

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In short, Scorpio-Cancer Relationship Compatibility is exceptionally strong and makes for a passionate union. Scorpio man is one of the most romantic and passionate individuals you can come across. They find it difficult to trust anyone easily but once they do, it is a bond of a lifetime.

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He is perhaps the best man any woman can have. He is tender, passionate, loyal and trustworthy.

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No one loves as passionately as a Scorpio man. He has the desire to love and be loved and is looking for a partner who is high on passion and romance like himself. Scorpio women tend to be passionate as well but they look inwards and seek reassurance from their partners. They can be jealous and extremely vindictive if they find their partner is not committed to them.

The adage, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, defines the thinking of a revengeful Scorpio woman. Jealousy is the characteristic trait of a Scorpio. They are deeply emotional beings and jealousy comes naturally to a Scorpio, and in abundance. They are extremely possessive of their partners and get easily jealous. Being suspicious and jealous, they require unfaltering and devoted love to keep such feelings at bay.


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