The age of taurus astrology

Uranus last cruised through Taurus from through , so those born during that time are experiencing their Uranus return. For many of us, however, this is the first and last time we'll encounter the combined energies of Uranus and Taurus. In many ways, Uranus and Taurus are strange bedfellows: While Uranus symbolizes innovation, Taurus represents tradition. To understand the next eight years, let's take a closer look at Uranus and Taurus individually. Uranus is more than just a funny name: It's also a very odd planet. In fact, Uranus is quite unusual, even by outer space standards.

Uranus was the first planet identified with a telescope and the only one named after a Greek god as opposed to a Roman deity , and it's tilted so far on its axis that it essentially orbits sideways. Scientists believe Uranus's epic degree angle is the result of an ancient cosmic collision. Accordingly, Uranian energy is defined by eccentricity, nonconformity, and extremes. Within our birth charts , the sign that Uranus is in exposes how we rebel, while the house it's in shows us the area of our lives affected by Uranus's energy.

On a societal level, Uranus is often referred to as the "Great Awakener," because its transits shove us out of our comfort zone by propelling dramatic upheavals. Since Uranus sets the tone for drastic change and large-scale revolution, its transits have major implications.

In astrology, it is believed that the planetary energies work directly with the signs planets occupy, so in order to predict the impact of Uranus's upcoming transit, we must first consider its relationship to Taurus. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, and it's inextricably connected to the physical world. Symbolized by the celestial bull, Taurus is associated with tangible realities: This sign governs material possessions and food, as well as financial institutions the bull is the symbol of Wall Street and environmentalism.

As a fixed sign known for its signature hardheadedness, Taurus does not like unexpected change, preferring to maintain systems rather than break rules. Taurus values tradition, institutions, and convention. In many ways, Taurus and Uranus are complete opposites. Uranus is actually in its "fall," or its weakest state when it's in Taurus, and that's because Uranus's innate abilities are compromised by Taurus's energy.

That doesn't mean its impact won't be felt, though. Let's explore how Uranus's transit is about to shake things up. Uranus will glide across the Taurus sky from May 15, through April 26, We can anticipate massive changes and reform to occur within Taurus's earthly domains. On a large scale, astrologers predict major shifts regarding food production and consumption. We will become increasingly aware of the prolific use of pesticides and explore progressive ways to harvest more sustainable crops.

Following several attempts at building a personal passenger car, Henry Ford built the first commercially successful automobile in , the Model T. At the same time, men were experimenting with the idea of flight. The Wright Brothers are credited with the first successful flight of an airplane.

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Humanity's speed and means of transportation have radically changed. We have even gone to the moon. Truly revolutionary! Technology has revolutionised virtually every aspect of our lives, from communication and knowledge to the home, personal fulfilment, world interaction and culture, art, and warfare. Volta harnessed electricity, ruled by Uranus, for the first time with the invention of his storage battery in Electricity allowed the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, radio, television, and the personal computer.

Access to knowledge has been revolutionised through the various media of radio, television and the computer. Avenues for personal fulfilment have been revolutionised through the vast expansion of a workplace and career driven by technology. Even warfare has been revolutionised.

Astrological Ages as an Accurate and Effective Model of History

In , Henry Shrapnel invented the exploding artillery shell that replaced the solid cannonball. In , Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, a much more explosive material than black powder. With the increase in mechanisation, war began to change dramatically after the turn of the century.

In , the Japanese attacked Russian forces at Port Arthur in southern Manchuria, launching the largest war ever fought to that date. This was the first war to employ armoured battleships, self-propelled torpedoes, rapid-firing artillery, modern machine guns, and land mines. Ten years later, World War I, 'the war to end all wars', broke out in Europe. Tanks and aircraft, as well as toxic chemical weapons such as mustard gas, were added to the arsenal.


A mere three decades later, World War II introduced even more revolutionary weapons to the list, including rockets and the atom bomb. Industrialisation has revolutionised family structure. In , the Boston Manufacturing Company began hiring young farm girls as workers. Other companies found that they could cut costs if they hired women and children, replacing men as the breadwinners in family life.

At the same time, children began to learn trades other than those of their fathers. In an increasingly industrial and technological workplace, knowledge was changing rapidly. Traditional knowledge held by parents and elders became increasingly less important. The value of parental wisdom was replaced by the new knowledge of science, as well as the news and stories transmitted through the new media of radio and television.

In , the gas lamp was invented, revolutionising the work cycle of the modern man and woman. This invention allowed industry to work their employees for longer hours, and eventually to keep production going well into the night.

The Astrological Age of Taurus

This change has thrown the natural circadian cycle out of balance. We no longer work according to the rising and setting of the sun. We now live in a revolutionary new and artificial environment. Food has undergone a radical revolution. In , Nicholas Appert opened the world's first cannery, or vacuum-bottling factory, near Paris. Food processing would totally revolutionise the new food industry. In , England's Donkin-Hall factory created the first foods to be sold in tins. In , pasteurisation was introduced in order to kill any harmful bacteria present in food to be bottled or canned.

As the industry began to grow, chemists in the 20th century created artificial flavours, chemical preservatives, free-flowing agents, and artificial colours to help create more tasty and convenient products.

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Aquarius rules genius and science. Advances in science have fuelled industry and technology during this era. The natural philosophers of the previous era, including Sir Isaac Newton, gave way to the pure scientist in this era. These theories have radically revolutionised the way science looks at the universe we live in.

We now know that we live in an expanding universe of uncounted galaxies, speeding quasars, and deadly black holes, where a particle of matter is simply trapped energy. We may also live in a universe containing more than ten dimensions. Aquarius rules global communications and world culture. Napoleon structurally united all of Europe and reorganised European countries to conform to the organisational ideals of the French Revolution.

He consolidated all of the old and confusingly disparate political patterns that had come into being throughout Europe into more manageable patterns. These nations then went on to create wholly new states with a feeling of belonging to a fresh European cohesiveness of identity that would lead to a unification of the world that was previously unknown. Europe opened China and Japan to a burgeoning new level of world trade. With the invention of the steam engine, international and even global transportation soon became a reality.

The telegraph began the push toward forming today's global communications network. An international money economy was developed to support international projects, along with the creation of multinational corporations. Utopian ideals, brotherhood, equality, and progressiveness are all traits of Aquarius.

The focus on individual civil rights within government in the previous era culminated in the American Revolution in and the French Revolution in The political ideals of a basic right to the pursuit of happiness, liberty, equality, and brotherhood were born. America became the utopian ideal for much of the rest of the world, with idealistic images such as America's streets being paved with gold.

The new ultimate dictatorship of this era, Communism, was created by Karl Marx, based on the utopian ideal of workers' communes, all toiling in the spirit of equality and brotherhood for the greater good of all. The Cold War during the last decades of this era was a clash of ideals between the utopian promise of capitalism of the West and that of utopian Communism in Russia. The Aquarian ideals of equality have spread to cover a wide range of people and of all life in this era.

Beginning with 'Fanny' Wright in , women have fought for and gained a degree of equality to men in almost every area of life in the West. The Equal Rights Amendment was gaining ground until the end of this era, when the energy changed and it was then finally stalled. Slavery was abolished and Blacks have at last legally been granted equal rights in this country, as have other minorities. The rights of the mentally and physically handicapped are protected by law, as are the rights of the poor and unemployed.

Even the rights of prisoners are now protected by law. These rights have also been extended to domestic pets, through organisations such as the Society. The Environmental Protection Agency was established to further protect entire ecosystems, including plant life. One of the most personally promising of Aquarian gifts is that of immortality. Immortality implies not only the lengthening of the average lifespan but also a reduction in the mortality rate of children, allowing more people to survive into adulthood and beyond.

Already, in this era, great strides have been made towards that goal. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there has been a very dramatic drop in the mortality rate that has spurred a powerful increase in population growth. In in Europe alone, there were million people. By , there were million. That same year worldwide, there were 1. Today that number is over 6. Over this same period, the average life span of an individual has dramatically increased to almost double that of previous periods.

The average lifespan today for both genders is in the upper 70s, with many living well beyond that. The population growth of these last two centuries has been one of the most important themes of this modern era, for it is linked to almost every other theme. It fuelled the unprecedented rise in huge metropolitan cities and urban living. It created huge consumer markets, making the Industrial Revolution profitable. Socially, it created fertile grounds for strife and armed revolution, as people competed to attain a decent standard of living.

Increasing numbers of governmental social institutions were created in order to handle this increasing unrest. Eras are still long periods of time in relation to the ever- changing flow of history. Looking closer at the Aquarius Era, from to , the phases reveal yet another level of historical complexity. In addition, the current phases since reveal that we have entered a potentially destructive period in our history. Phases are each 15 years long and move forward through the zodiac. Let's examine those that made up the history known as the twentieth century, and specifically to , the high point of the Aquarius Era.

Death, rebirth, and suffering mark this period, as well as delving deep into the hidden nature of our world and the human psyche. This was the intellectual beginning of the twentieth century and the high point of the Aquarius Era. Cubism, Dadaism, and abstract art all indicate. Freud's psychology planted the seeds of a new type of mental belief system, delving deep into the subconscious that marked the death of traditional religious answers to life.

Quantum physics and relativity theory supplanted classical Newtonian physics and revealed deep and powerful secrets about our universe. World War I was the first war fought on a global scale with the devastating power of modern mechanised weapons such as tanks and airplanes. The Spanish 'Flu pandemic killed over twice as many people as the war, and did it in only six months. It was the largest pandemic since the Black Death in the Scorpio Era, and killed over 21 million people.

This served to destroy the lingering reliance on religion over questions of good versus evil and allowed humanity to embrace the new more secular and modern vision of our world. This phase marks a period of exuberance and cultural expansion, much like the larger renaissances of the Sagittarius Eras. This was the period of the Roaring Twenties and is also known as the Negro Renaissance that heralded the birth of jazz.

It was also a period of great 20th-century writers, such as Steinbeck and Hemingway. Babe Ruth fostered a period of expanded interest in sports. Technological advances such as radio and television greatly expanded knowledge and learning, and helped promote the creation of a world cultural vision. The Great Depression, caused by an exuberant over- investing by the public without understanding the laws of investment, created a top-heavy market that crashed in a very large and expansive way.

Uranus and Horoscope

This period was one of adherence to traditional moral and civic values following the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties in Sagittarius. It was also a time of big government: Roosevelt's New Deal, and the rise of powerful dictators in Europe Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini. Franklin Roosevelt was the most despotic of all US presidents.

World War II was fought on the home front as civic responsibility touched all levels of society. Material drives allowed citizens, including children, to help the war effort. Women in huge numbers went to work in factories to help supply the troops. After the war, which was fought over Germany's quest for more land Cancer opposite to Capricorn , governments in Europe and America created cradle-to-grave social welfare systems designed to take care of citizens as they grew older.

This was an intensified period of science and technology. The nuclear age, the space age, and major advances in electronics and computers, revolutionised the modern world. The Cold War between the Soviets and the West was fought in an intellectual manner Mercury is exalted in the air sign Aquarius over ideology. The ideology of this post-war period supported the rapid expansion of a world culture sensibility as both sides sought to create a unified world culture based on the worldwide distribution the ideas of the West and Communism.

The fight was between a Communistic utopian ideal and a capitalistic and democratic utopian ideal. During this time, school curricula changed towards a heavy science focus, as the West wrestled with Communism for scientific superiority. This was a period of intense social breakdown. Historically this period needs to be understood in relation to the connecting Pisces Era that runs from to This is all part of a continuous period. During the Pisces Phase, race riots, student riots, and prison riots all indicate the disintegration of social values and the need for reform at all levels.

Toxic industrial pollution and radioactive pollution became powerful news stories during this period, threatening to speed life and humanity towards extinction. Extinction rates reached a level a thousand times above normal. Welfare began a rapid rise that pushed many cities to the brink of bankruptcy. Internal violence and crime increased, dramatically overwhelming the resources of law enforcement and our prison system.

Revolutionary terrorism plagued America and Europe, with the SLA and the Weather Underground terrorising the American landscape, while Islamic and other terrorist groups attacked Europe. Death squads were active in South and Central America. Depression and suicide increased dramatically to epidemic levels.

Even the environment responded to this energy. There has been a steady and dramatic increase in volcanic and earthquake activity since the seventies. Ozone depletion and global warming were first noticed and warnings by environmental groups were largely ignored. With this last phase of the Aquarius Era of the Age of Pisces, the modern world began to dissolve. We then entered into the Pisces Era in and our world has continued to fall apart. Interestingly enough, Pisces rules dissolution and the Virgo opposite rules disintegration and extinction.

We are now in times of disintegrating social and ecological systems. This period corresponds to end-time prophesies that are surfacing today in many cultures, ranging from Christian prophesy to Native American prophesy. By strict definition, this is not the end of the world. Rather it is the end of one period and the beginning of a new period, much like a clock with the minute and hour hands moving past the position. The Pisces-Virgo axis in the zodiac marks just such a time. That this axis exists within the zodiac gives support to the religious prophesies concerning an end- time.

There can be a historical basis to these ideas. From this point, we enter the Pisces Era of the Age of Pisces. Pisces rules dissolution, Virgo rules disintegration and extinction. Pisces also rules prophecy and the fulfilment of prophecy. Pisces Era activity during this time, within the Age of Pisces, creates a double Pisces bath, an end-period of breakdown and chaos. It is a continuation of disruptive trends begun in the previous Pisces Phase, to Some researchers now say that we stand at the threshold of a sixth big, all- encompassing, mass extinction of life on earth.

Global warming is now recognised as a serious threat to life.

Lessons from Greece: The end of the Age of Taurus

This corresponds with religious prophecy from various cultures around the world and with contemporary Native American prophecy, which says that we are now in or on the verge of a major end of the present world scenario. Aries rules war and violence. Much of the violence of the previous phase continued into this phase, including the internal terrorism and the rising crime rate that had afflicted most communities throughout the seventies.

Social violence rose to new levels. Inner city gangs like the Bloods and the Crips now armed themselves with automatic weapons and became what might be called criminal armies. Murder became a rite of passage for initiation into these gangs. Drive-by shootings and other forms of senseless violence entered the American social landscape. Girl gangs soon became as violent as male gangs. Children also began to turn to violence at increasingly earlier ages. There were shocking news reports from this time of very young kids killing their parents or other, even younger children, often just to see what it felt like.

By the middle of the s, there were some ten million violent crimes committed in America every year. This was a four-to-five-fold per capita increase in reported violent crimes over the level of the early sixties. America had now become the most violent civilised nation ever recorded in the history of the world. In , a coup in El Salvador led to a period of intense internal violence. The government as well as civilian and semi-private groups began creating death squads that were directed against their own people in order to quash any and all dissent, or the possibility of any kind of reform.

The qualities are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. The four have a similar way of engaging with the world and there's one fixed sign for each element. The Latin root fixus means "to latch on to," or "to fasten. They fix things in place and are able to engage in sustained activity over a long period.

Understanding the Fixed Signs in Astrology

Since fixed signs come along as the season is underway, they represent going deeper and pursuing the full realization of what's already begun. They can initiate, but their true gifts emerge when they're able to sink deeply into an ongoing project. The fixed signs have a remarkable ability to persevere, and often they're models of solo productivity. They enjoy those peak moments of achievement but seem most at home with themselves when immersed in a sustained, worthwhile, challenging pursuit.

Each of the fixed signs creates stability through the vehicle of their element. For fixed fire Leo this can mean a career of self-expression and ongoing respect in their chosen fields. For fixed water Scorpio , permanence is found through achievement and going deep into the timeless mysteries of the imagination, dreams, primal sexuality.

Some water-bearers are dogmatic and even condescending to those that don't "get" their genius.